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Hi! I'm Federica


…but friends and family call me Chicca. I was born and grew up in Trento: a quiet and lovely town in the North of Italy. Since I was a little girl I’ve loved travelling: my parents made me discover extraordinary countries and cultures; those summer holidays left an indelible mark in my memories and dreams.

I’ve been always fascinated by images: movies, commercials and photography. With perseverance and commitment, my passion has become my way of living.

During my travels I’ve met awesome people and through my work I try to pass on to others my pleasure and gratitude.

I now belong to an elegant, energetic and surprising city: Paris. I live in a bright, little apartment: full of plants, poetry and cinema books,  DVDs and hats; with a wild crazy cat and my beloved Bear.


I work as best as I can to make people happier!